Genei Maru No. 7 on Afognak Island - page 2

On May 27, while fishing in the Pacific Ocean about half way between the US and Japan, the vessel caught fire and was abandoned by the crew. Discovered aground November 10, 2002 by local fisherman. Genei Maru No. 7 is a 97 ft, 140 ton fishing vessel used to catch squid.

275gm7deckdebris.tif 280gm7PbOndeck2.tif 281squidgear3.tif 282squidgear2.tif
Deck Lead weights Squid gear Squid gear
283squidgear.tif 284squidgear1.tif 409gm7galleystove.tif 420gm7debrisinhold.tif
Squid gear Squid gear Galley stove Debris in hold
430gm7galley.tif 440gm7bunk.tif 440gm7radioes.tif 450gm7radioRm.tif
500gm7sheen1.tif 510gm7lighterfuel1.tif
Oil sheen Removing fuel

Photos by Leslie Slater.