Genei Maru No. 7 on Afognak Island

On May 27, while fishing in the Pacific Ocean about half way between the US and Japan, the vessel caught fire and was abandoned by the crew. Discovered aground November 10, 2002 by local fisherman. Genei Maru No. 7 is a 97 ft, 140 ton fishing vessel used to catch squid.

010Genei Maru.tif 020gm7lighterfuel.tif 030p002.tif 040p004.tif
Genei Maru Removing fuel
050gm7grounded.tif 060gm7burntdeck.tif 070DSC00011.tif 080gm7grounded1.tif
210ladderinstall3.tif 220squidgearstations.tif 230gm7foredeck.tif 240gm7foredeck1.tif
Lowering ladder for access. Squid stations Foredeck Foredeck
245gm7stern.tif 250squidLts2.tif 260gm7aft.tif 270deckhaz1.tif
Stern Squid lights Aft Deck

Photos by Leslie Slater.