Chirikof Island and Cattle

After purchase of the Territory of Alaska in 1867, Chirikof Island was federally managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Cattle were first stocked in 1888 or later. In 1980, Congress included Chirikof Island in Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge. The BLM grazing lease expired in 2000.

Nasa.jpg Chart.tif TowerArea.tif
Chirikof from space Chart Severely eroded N. tip
Towers.tif TowerEdge.tif OldRanch.tif
Old NAVCOM site Border of erosion and stream Old Ranch on East side
NewRanch.tif Chute3.tif Chute4.tif
New Ranch Headquarters Chute from ranch Chute to loading beach
Chute6.tif NewRanchBeach2.tif Cowboys.JPG
Chute and beach Loading beach Tim, Tim and Bell
Meeting.JPG Hillside.JPG Roundup1.JPG
Steve, Tim, Loni, Greg, Tim Roundup

Currently there are no year-round residents. There have been no new attempts to remove cattle from Chirikof since 2003.
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Last updated: 12/26/2007