Three biologists from Island Conservation and one biologist from Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge arrived on Rat Island May 31, 2008 and stayed until June 20. The purpose of the visit was to conduct pre-rat eradication wildlife surveys and gather information for the planning of the rat eradication project planned to begin in October 2008. This website features photos from that visit (photos by Steve Ebbert). The project is a partnership between The Nature Conservancy, Island Conservation, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. For more information about the project, contact the Alaska Maritime NWR at 907-235-6546. For more information about these photos, email me using button below. Click on “Albums” above to begin.


Welcome to Rat Island, Aleutian Islands, Alaska - USA

Rat Island Facts

  1. -6900 acres

  2. -1300 miles from Anchorage

  3. -uninhabited

Rats on Islands

  1. -More that 10 large Alaska refuge islands are infested with non-native rats, and numerous smaller islands.

  2. -Rats are a major cause of decline in seabirds worldwide.

  3. -Rat eradication on islands has been successful elsewhere.

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