Mokapu Calibration

Helicopter preparation and calibration of bait bucket for Mokapu aerial broadcast near Molokai, Hawaii using placebo (non-toxic) rodenticide bait. January 2008.
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HiloAirport080103-24.tif HiloAirport080103-23.tif HiloAirport080103-13.tif
Peter, Peter and David discuss bucket attachment modifications. Bait bucket will be suspsended from this point on the helicopter. Bucket connections.
MD500080104-4.tif HiloAirport080103-04.tif VolcanoNat Park080102-03.tif
Outrigger for digital GPS antenna. Console and mounting for Trimble Digital GPS receiver. Older fiberglass bait bucket.
HiloAirport080103-31.tif Baitbucket080109-04.tif Baitbucket080109-11.tif
Bucket inspected for useful parts and connectors. The New Bucket! HelioTago Underslung Stainless Steel Bucket
Placebo080109-02.tif BaitBucket080109-14.tif BaitBucket080109-18b.tif
Placebo (non-toxic) bait. Non-toxic bait inside bucket. After successful attachment to helicoper.

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