Some birds of Hawaii. January 2008.
Click on any photo to see enlarged version.

Red-footedBooby080111-2.tif Red-footedBooby080111-6.tif Red-footedBooby080111-5.tif
Red-footed booby Red-footed booby Red-footed booby
Red-ventedBulbul080112-04.tif Red-ventedBulbul080112-08.tif Red-ventedBulbul080112-12.tif
Red-vented Bulbul Red-vented Bulbul Red-vented Bulbul
Black-neckedStilt080105-09.tif Black-neckedStilt080105-12.tif Shorebird080103-08.tif
Black-necked stilt Black-necked stilt Ruddy turnstone
PacGoldenPlover080103-01.tif HawaiianCoot080105-05.tif HawaiianCoot080105-06.tif
Pacific golden plover Hawaiian coot Hawaiian coot

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