Island Restoration
Island Restoration means removing animals that are not native to an island and interfere with native wildlife. In some cases, wildlife that use to live on an island are then moved back onto the restored island. In other cases, wildlife repopulates on islands on their own. Birds, for example, will usually get to an island on their own, and restoration continues.

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Fox Eradication
Fox eradication means trapping all the foxes on the island. Arctic foxes were stocked by man onto many Alaskan islands as early as the mid-1700's for fur ranching. Foxes did well on some islands and fed on native birds, especially seabirds, waterfowl, and shorebirds. After these birds became scarce, foxes survived by foraging on marine debris and coastal resources. Some kinds of birds are not successful at nesting on islands with introduced predators such as foxes. Several islands have been restored to bird nesting habitat by eradicating foxes.

Sanak Island Photos
This website includes picture galleries of Sanak Island and surrounding islets. These photos were taken by Steve Ebbert during the fox eradication project March 23-May 22, 2007.

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