Wosnesenski Island, Alaska

Wosnesenski Island is south of the Alaska Peninsula.
It is within the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge.
Photos by Steve Ebbert.
15 May 2006.

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Wosnesneski060515Pano Wosnesenski060515-073.tif Wosnesenski060515-024.tif
Panorama of Wosnesenski Island from the North side. Wosnesenski has free-ranging cattle. View of main valley, lake with island, and peak.
Wosnesenski060515-040.tif Wosnesenski060515-022.tif Wosnesenski060515-042.tif
Severe overgrazing has reduced the vegetation to sparse patches in sand. Sand dunes appear even in the interior of the island because of overgrazing.
Wosnesenski060515-023.tif Wosnesenski060515-032.tif Wosnesenski060515-033.tif
Remains of Osterback homestead.
Wosnesenski060515-052.tif Wosnesenski060515-027.tif Wosnesenski060515-015.tif
Flat sandy beaches occur on the north and south sides of the island. Wosnesenski has rodents too, probably voles. Winter is a difficult time for cattle remaining on the island.
Scavenging by eagle on carcass.

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