Canna and Sanday Island Landscapes

All photos taken on Canna and Sanday
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Canna060219Pano.tif TalbotPano060226.tif Canna060226-015.tif
Canna and Sanday Islands Canna West End Canna
Canna060226-044.tif Canna060217-041.tif Canna060225-59.tif
Rubba Langanes, Canna Overlooking white sand beach on Sanday.
Canna060222-031.tif Canna060226-004.tif Canna060226-128.tif
The white sand beach, Sanday. Islets offshore Canna Island.
Canna060221-07.tif Canna060221-09.tif Canna060226-131.tif
Rubha Dubh, and Sanday Isle in the background. Rubha Dubh, see the footbridge to Sanday? The best Manx shearwater habitat on the Canna.

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