Historical and Archaelogical Sites on Canna Isle - page 2

Canna Isle, Inner Hebrides, Scotland. Canna and Sanday are owned and managed by the National Trust for Scotland and are designated a Special Site of Scientific Interest (SSSI), and Special Protection Area (SPA) for their seabird interests.
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St Edwards, former Roman Catholic Church (built 1886-1890) on Sanday, now being renovated. St Edwards, former Roman Catholic Church.
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The souterrains were tunnels leading to underground structures. Originally used for storage of cheese and butter and associated with huts (shielings) in high, remote pastures used during summer. But they may date to the first millennium AD, used for refuge during Viking raids.
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The King of Norway's Grave at Rubha Langanes. Similarly shaped Norse graves have proved to be burials that include a Viking longboat.

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