Historical and Archaelogical Sites on Canna Isle

Canna Isle, Inner Hebrides, Scotland. Canna and Sanday are owned and managed by the National Trust for Scotland and are designated a Special Site of Scientific Interest (SSSI), and Special Protection Area (SPA) for their seabird interests.
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The Castle at Coroghon, fortress to hide during Viking raids. Other purported uses were as a prison in the seventeenth century by Donald MacDolnald of Clanranald to confine his wife. Also said to house a witch.
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In 1821, there were 436 people living on the island working the land whereas today there are only thirteen. Castle at Coroghon and St Columba's Church. St Columba's Presbyterian Church (built 1912-1914).
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St Columba's Presbyterian Church overlooking Canna Harbour. Compass Hill in background. Remains of cross associated with Early Christian monastic society. Ancient cemetery at A'Chill.

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