Eradication of Norway Rats on Canna Island

A three year program to eradicate rats from Canna and Sanday SPA is underway. Peter Dunlevy and Steve Ebbert visited Canna during late March and early February 2006. These are my photos from that trip. To learn more about the project, see: National Trust for Scotland website
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Canna060217-023.tif Canna060217-028.tif Canna060217-047.tif
Biz explains project details and status to Bob, Abbie and Peter. Canna Island is 4.5 miles long and 1 mile wide. Canna and nearby Sanday Island were baited during winter from Sept 2005 thru March 2006.
Canna060217-055.tif Canna060301-10.tif Canna060301-16.tif
WMIL team and volunteers set up a grid of more than 4300 bait stations across the island. Team members used ATV and trailer to haul personnel and gear to drop points and then bait stations and monitoring devices were checked by foot.
Canna060223-03.tif Canna060217-010.tif Canna060218-020.tif
The team was a mix of regular staff from Wildlife Management International and volunteers. Bait stations made of 30-inch long PVC tubes were placed across the island. The island's 600 ft cliffs were a challenge. They were rat habitat and had to be baited.
Canna060222-067.tif Canna060218-042.tif Canna060218-007.tif
All eradication team members were trained in rapelling skills. Cliff-faces were accessed by rapelling or climbing across ledges. "Flying" bait stations were suspended over cliffs.

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