Birds, Seals, Cattle and Sheep - Canna Island, Scotland

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All photos taken on Canna and Sanday Isles, except the gray seal.
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Canna060217-146.tif Canna060217-112.tif Canna060217-076.tif
Robin Robin Chaffinch
Canna060222-058.tif Canna060222-108.tif Canna060222-122.tif
Hooded crow Starling Curlew
Canna060222-101.tif Mallaig060215-033.tif Mallaig060215-003.tif
Oystercatcher Great Black-backed gull Grey seal
Mallaig060215-006.tif Mallaig060215-023.tif Canna060222-022.tif
Grey seal Grey seal

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