Trappers Return to Sand Point, Alaska

Sand Point is on Popof Island in the Shumagin Islands, Alaska. 13-14 Oct 2006.
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SandPoint061013-02.tif SandPoint061013-06.tif SandPoint061013-23.tif
Sand Point harbor, and Sand Point. Korovin Island from Danger Point, Popof Island. Russian Orthodox Church, Sand Point.
SandPoint061013-46.tif SandPoint061014-00.tif SandPoint061014-07.tif
Ship unloads at Trident Seafood during sunset. Unloading gear onto dock from George's boat. We staged the gear on the dock and loaded our rental pickup.
SandPoint061014-05.tif SandPoint061014-22.tif SandPoint061014-18.tif
Leftover camp food for distribution by the Sanak Corporation. We weighed everything from paddles to outboards.
SandPoint061014-31.tif SandPoint061014-39.tif
Trappers loaded gear into the ACE Cargo plane Bob, Joe, Steve, Garrett, Jason

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