Attu Island, May and June, 2006

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Photos by Steve Ebbert unless otherwise noted.
To learn more about the project, see: Story by Ned Rozell
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Attu060602-70.tif IMG_4414.tif 20060606-Attu,AK trip 25-RPT research-Bill Taylor processing male 130.tif Ptarmigan060606-20.tif
2006 Evermann's Rock Ptarmigan Pteam. Brett holds male ptarmigan at Casco Cove. Photo by Brad Benter. Bill Taylor with male ptarmigan. Photo by Mike Schroeder. Steve holding male Evermann's rock ptarmigan.
Ptarmigan060603-6.tif Ptarmigan060531-17.tif IMG_4726.tif IMG_4728.tif
Evermann's Rock Ptarmigan, male Planning a flush. Driving towards the net. Photo by Brad Benter. Escape! Photo by Brad Benter.
Attu060602-42.tif 20060602-Attu,AK trip 17-RPT research-Robb Kaler taking male out of net.tif Attu060602-65.tif Ptarmigan060531-11.tif
Ptarmigan capture using drift net. Removing from the net. Photo by Mike Schroeder. Evermann's rock ptarmigan, captured in net. Evermann's rock ptarmigan, hen.
Ptarmigan060531-34.tif Ptarmigan060531-36.tif IMG_4101.tif IMG_4103.tif
Clait Braun and capture over the barrel. Clait captures ptarmigan with noose pole. The sneak by Bill Taylor. Photo by Brad Benter. Dang it! Photo by Brad Benter.

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