Hot Weather Creek and Princess Margaret Range 2006

Hot Weather Creek, 23 August
Princess Margaret Range, 26 August
Quark Expeditions
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HotWeatherCr060825-08.tif HotWeatherCr060825-15.tif HotWeatherCr060825-21.tif
Hot Weather Creek Petrified Wood Hot Weather Creek Fossils Petrified Wood
HotWeatherCr060825-26.tif HotWeatherCr060825-48.tif HotWeatherCr060825-57.tif
Petrified Wood Petrified Wood Petrified Wood
HotWeatherCr060825-60.tif Arctic060826-011.tif Arctic060826-007.tif
Petrified Wood Parked in the Ice Princess Margaret Range
Arctic060826-022.tif Arctic060826-046.tif Arctic060826-046TWS.tif
Princess Margaret Range Dave, Artist in Residence Tribute to Photography and Watercolor
Princess Margaret Range

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