Grise Fjord and Trapper Cove, Ellesemere Island 2006

Grise Fjord, 19 August
Trapper Cove, 21 August
Quark Expeditions
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KapitanKhlebnikov060819-91.tif Grisefjord Pano GriseFjord060819-06.tif
Approaching Grise Fjord Grise Fjord Panoramic Grise Fjord
GriseFjord060819-07.tif GriseFjord060819-37.tif GriseFjord060819-39.tif
Seal Skin Drying
GriseFjord060819-66.tif GriseFjord060819-69.tif TrapperCove060821-09.tif
Narwhal Skull with Tusk Narwhal Tusk Trapper Cove
TrapperCove060821-42.tif TrapperCove060821-27.tif TrapperCove060821-39.tif
Fox Trap or Cache Trapper Cove Peary Caribou Antler

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