Attu to Agattu Ptarmigan Translocation 2005

Photos by Steve Ebbert unless otherwise noted.
A four-year program to restore a new population of Evermann's rock ptarmigan on Agattu Island. The 2005 effort was the third season. These are photos from that trip. To learn more about the project, see: Ned Rozell's story about the project

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Flying wheeler.tif Ptarmigan050602-11.tif Ptarmigan050602-23.tif Ptarmigan050602-33.tif
Flying ATV dangles before loading onto skiff bound for Attu landing. Evermann's rock ptarmigan Evermann's rock ptarmigan Evermann's rock ptarmigan.
Ptarmigan050605-01.tif Ptarmigan050604-01.tif Ptarmigan050605-05.tif Dr. Clait Braun with a lovely male Evermann's Rock Ptarmigan.tif
Evermann's rock ptarmigan. Evermann's rock ptarmigan on Attu. Taking off on the Attu runway. Clait Braun holds a male Evermann's rock ptarmigan on Attu. Photo by Greg Wann.
Ptarmigan050531-08.tif P1010307.tif Ptarmigan050601-09.tif Ptarmigan050531-21.tif
Clait Braun with Evermann's rock ptarmigan. Clait discusses ptarmigan ecology with Robb. Photo by Greg Wann. Clait and Robb Kaler with rock ptarmigan. Greg Wann with rock ptarmigan.
Ptarmigan050603-4.tif Ptarmigan050602-05.tif Ptarmigan050602-07.tif Agattu050606-40.tif
Bill Taylor spots ptarmigan on Attu Island. Brad Benter stalking ptarmigan on Attu Island. Escape! Karab Cove, Agattu Island

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