Arctic Ground Squirrels

Arctic ground squirrel (Spermophilus parryii) on Kavalga Island in the central Aleutian Islands, Alaska. Ground squirrels are not native to the island, and were introduced by fox trappers during the early part of the 1900's.

Photos taken Aug 2005 by Steve Ebbert

ArGrSq050811-11.tif ArGrSq050812-34.tif ArGrSq050812-57.tif ArGrSq050811-15.tif
ArGrSq050810-28.tif ArGrSq050811-33.tif ArGrSq050809-16.tif ArGrSq050809-29.tif
ArGrSq050810-32.tif ArGrSq050810-41.tif ArGrSq050811-42.tif ArGrSq050812-28.tif

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Last updated: 9/3/05