Gentoo Penguins, Antarctica

Photos by Steve Ebbert
Click on each image below to see larger photo.

BrownBluff051128-096.tif CuvervilleIsland051130-138.tif CuvervilleIsland051130-217.tif
Gentoo penguin Carrying stone to nest Grooming
BrownBluff051128-024.tif CuvervilleIsland051130-220.tif NekoHarbour051202-81.tif
A great day to be a penguin Grooming Trail from colony to sea
CuvervilleIsland051130-98.tif CuvervilleIsland051130-118.tif CuvervilleIsland051130-74.tif
Brooding Egg Stone for nest
CuvervilleIsland051130-164.tif CuvervilleIsland051130-177.tif NekoHarbour051202-12.tif
Swim time Dive platform Polar plunge
PleneauBayZC051201-102B.tif PleneauBayZC051201-112.tif CuvervilleIsland051130-29.tif
Gentoos at sea

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