Other Birds of Antarctica and Ushuaia

Photos by Steve Ebbert
Click on each image below to see larger photo.

AtSea051126-212.tif AtSea051126-31516x20AdobeRGB.tif AtSea051204-169.tif
Black-browed albatross Black-browed albatross Royal albatross
PetermannIsland051201-0918x10.tif PetermannIsland051201-122.tif AtSea051202-020.tif
Blue-eyed shag Blue-eyed shag Snow petrel
AtSea051126-031.tif AtSea051127-356.tif PetzvalGlacierZC051130-08.tif
Cape petrel Cape petrel South polar skua
AtSea051202-067.tif AtSea051126-129.tif Ushuaia051124-063.tif
Southern (Antarctic) giant petrel Southern giant petrel Southern giant petrel
LeopardSeal051128-17.tif AtSea051126-197.tif Ushuaia051124-276.tif
Wilson's storm petrel (lower left) Southern (Antarctic) fulmar Antarctic tern
Ushuaia051123-095.tif Ushuaia051124-058.tif Ushuaia051124-118.tif
Antarctic tern Kelp gull Dolphin gull
Ushuaia051124-124.tif Ushuaia051124-054.tif Ushuaia051124-164.tif
Dolphin gull Kelp goose (male = white) Black-crowned night heron
Ushuaia051124-181.tif Ushuaia051124-288.tif TDFNatPark051125-34.tif
Black-crowned night heron Crested duck Ashy-headed goose
Ushuaia051123-035.tif Ushuaia051124-052.tif Ushuaia051123-072.tif
Cara cara South American lapwing

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