Some Wildlfe Near the Selendang Ayu - page 3

Some birds and mammals photographed in the vicinity of the wreck.

Click on any photo to see an enlarged version.

HarborSeal-02.jpg HarborSeal-09.jpg HarborSeal-10.jpg
HarborSeal-05.jpg HarborSeal-06.jpg HarborSeal-08.jpg
HarborSeal-12.jpg HarborSeal14.jpg HarborSeal15.jpg
Volcano Bay, Unalaska F/V Exito at Volcano Bay, Unalaska
Jelly-1.jpg Jelly-2.jpg Otter-2.jpg
Jellyfish above low tide. Another kind of jellyfish, Anderson Bay. Sea Otter, Makushin Bay, Unalaska.

Photos by Steve Ebbert
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