Scenic photos, Unalaska - page 2

Scenic photos taken in the area of the wreck of the Selendang Ayu.
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Kashega-2.tif Kashega7.TIF Skan-3.TIF
Kashega Bay, Unalaska. Sea cave, Kashega Bay. Skan Bay, Unalaska.
Skan-1.TIF PC280081.TIF Volc-1.TIF
Skan Bay, searching for oiled birds. Normal beach debris (sponges). Ice lens on rocks in Volcano Bay stream.
Volc-3.TIF Dutch-1.TIF Dutch-2.TIF
Volcano Bay Lodge, Unalaska. Pill box and crab pots, Dutch Harbor. WWII pill boxes, Dutch Harbor.
Dutch-3.TIF Dutch-4.TIF Dutch-5.TIF
Grand Aleutian Hotel, Dutch Harbor. Crab pots and eagles, near hotel. Dutch Harbor, Unalaska.

Photos by Steve Ebbert
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