Scenic photos, Unalaska

Scenic photos taken in the area of the wreck of the Selendang Ayu.
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CastleRock.TIF Makushin.TIF Hump-3.TIF
Castle Rock, Makushin Bay Makushin area, Unalaska. Humpback Bay, Unalaska
Hump-5.TIF Portage-1.TIF Portage-3.TIF
Pen Air Goose, oil survey. Natural coloring, Portage Bay. The Norseman in Portage Bay.
Portage-4.TIF Cannery-1.TIF Cannery-2.TIF
Quanset hut, Portage Bay. F/V Norseman at Cannery Bay. Cannery Bay looking towards Humpback Bay.
Cannery-3.TIF PC130011.TIF Kashega-1.tif
Old Cannery, Cannery Bay Oil boom across salmon stream. Kashega Bay, Unalaska.

Photos by Steve Ebbert
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