Tar and Oil, Unalaska

Tar and oil was deposited on some beaches in the area of the wreck of the Selendang Ayu.
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PC240019.TIF PC280037.TIF PC240016.TIF
Oil oozes from gravel and cobble beaches where it has been desposited in layers by waves and storms. At Skan Bay and other places, oil is layered in gravel beaches by wave action. Skan Bay. Inflatible tubes are from wreck.
PC280072.TIF PC270023.TIF PC270041.TIF
Tar patty on sandy beach at Volcano Bay. Later, tar was broken into dime-sized bits and scattered along the high tide line. Tar ball that has incoporated vegetation. Splattered tar in rocks and vegetation at Humpback Beach.
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Tar among boulders, Humpback Beach. Shoreline cleanup crews Makushin Bay. Shoreline cleanup crews.

Photos by Steve Ebbert
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