F/V Exito, Dutch Harbor, Unalaska

International Bird Rescue Research Center chartered the F/V Exito to search for and capture oiled sea birds in the area of the wreck of the Selendang Ayu.
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Exito-03.TIF Exito-05.TIF Exito-25.tif
F/V Exito Tied to dock, Unalaska. Exito wheelhouse. Capt. Herb, Exito
Exito-12.TIF Exito-13.TIF Exito-22.TIF
Wildlife treatment trailer, crane. Salting the ice on deck and skiff. IBRRC and Exito crew preparing to launch skiffs.
Exito-24.tif Exito-17.TIF Exito-08.TIF
Anderson Bay, Unalaska
Exito-20.TIF Exito-21.TIF Exito-23.tif
Spray Cape, Unalaska Kashega Bay, Unalaska

Photos by Steve Ebbert
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