Capture of Oiled Birds

International Bird Rescue Research Center led the effort to capture, stabilize and release oiled birds around the wreck of the Selendang Ayu.
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Capture-1.TIF Capture-2.TIF Exito-11.TIF
Searching for oiled birds among sea ice. IBRCC search for birds around Nagindak oil boom. IBRRC used smaller skiffs launched from ship to search for oiled birds.
Exito-10.TIF Capture-3.TIF HarborSeal16.TIF
Skiff used to capture oiled birds. Harbor seal watches IBRCC search for oiled birds from Exito.
SA050105-07.TIF SA050105-09.TIF SA050105-10.tif
Searching for oiled birds around wreck of Selendang Ayu.
Capture-4.TIF Capture-5.TIF CRAU.TIF
Oiled glaucous-winged gull. Oiled crested auklet captured.
Oiled longtailed duck captured on shore. Longtailed duck. Longtailed duck not oiled (released).
Murre-1.TIF Murre-3.TIF Murre-4.TIF
Common murre with oil. Oil spot. Oiled common murre.
Murre-5.TIF Capture-7.TIF
Oiled common murre. Oiled birds were flown from work area by helicopter to Dutch Harbor.

Photos by Steve Ebbert

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